• Narrow Fabrics

    Spica Elastic has experience of over 55 years in the industry Spica Elastic has established itself as one of the leading Narrow Fabric manufacturers in the world. Producing both in India and Vietnam supplying to the world’s leading brands.

  • Sewing Thread

    An addition to the Narrow Fabric business Spica Elastic Vietnam also manufactures Sewing Thread serving the needs of customers and products in different industries.

  • Elastomer yarn

    RGA Company Limited is a part of the Spica Group and produces elastomer yarn with both covered spandex or covered rubber using polyester or nylon. Located in the North of Vietnam. Servicing the needs of Spica Elastic for our own Narrow fabric manufacturing and also to industries that use this kind of yarn.

  • Dyed Yarns

    SW Dyeing is the newest addition to the Spica Group as a yarn dyeing facility in the North of Vietnam. SW Dyeing provides Spica Elastic Vietnam with in-house supply for better quality and delivery. SW Dyeing also supplies to customers and vendors in need of such yarns.